Sun Doesn't Rise

After a month of missed 40K nights at the Whiz, I was finally able to attend this evening's. Last week I had car trouble, so Jesse came here instead and we played on my gaming table.

Tonight, however, I went to the Whiz and was pleasantly surprised to find my friend Rob there with his Witch Hunters. It had been about six months since we last played each other, and I must say his tactics have improved significantly.

I didn't take many pictures tonight, but I did manage a photo of my Predator tank he took out in the first turn.

I was, fortunately, able to take out a very large chunk of his infantry thanks to my Dreadnought via Drop Pod, deep-striking Terminators, and melee combat.

By turn five, though, he actually managed to wipe my forces from the board. It's been a while since I've had my army tabled, and apparently it was his first time doing it.

I'll have to work on my list and tactics for next time. I seek vengeance!

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