Planet X

Sorry for the long wait on an update on here. Things have been rather hectic, from work to home to the girlfriend. And I've missed the last three weeks of gaming, which has sucked.

Anyway, here's a shot of the few Planetary Empires tiles I've painted up so far. I'm creating the homeworld of the Red Dragons, piece by piece. If anyone should want to "invade" it, be my guest! I think it'd be rather fun trying to thwart an assault on my chapter's home planet.

Welcome to Planet X

That's six tiles down, only another 44 to go! I enjoy painting them though; they're easy to paint and fun to think up ideas for each one. I highly recommend the Planetary Empires expansion for anyone curious about it.

Well, hopefully I can get to the Whiz tomorrow night for some gaming. My coworker Jesse said he'd most likely be going, so I'll probably be facing his Chaos Marines again.

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