The Suffering

I don't know what it is lately, but I've been quite inspired to create new HQ units for the Red Dragons. I'm currently designing and building a new captain, with:
-Relic blade (S:6 power weapon)
-Artificer armor (2+ armor save)
-Storm shield (3+ invulnerable save)
-Digital weapons (re-roll a failed to-wound)
-Meltabombs (S:8 + 2D6 armor penetration)
-Jump pack (12" movement, able to deep strike)

He'd be expensive points-wise but an absolute monster in melee (WS:6, I:4, A:3, W:3). Not sure on a name yet. I need to bits order a few pieces to complete him anyway.

As I posted before, I finished Captain Killmatic. As you can see here, he could be counted as having either dual power fists, or a pair of lightning claws, but it looks like I'll be counting him as the former for five S:8 attacks on the charge.

Last night I played an annihilation match against mechanized Imperial Guard. I lost (6-4) but mostly because I came ill-equipped against IG. I don't think I've ever faced them before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Honestly I thought he'd have more infantry on foot rather than all in vehicles.

But I can't put this off any longer: I seriously need to add meltaguns to my army. Sure, I have a multimelta that I could use, but I don't have any regular meltaguns. My lascannons are great vehicle killers, but they're so expensive and beause they're heavy weapons it hurts a squad's mobility. I also need to start equipping meltabombs to sergeants and HQs in general. Using krak grenades works alright, but meltabombs would be much more effective.

I'm still painting up my Terminators and terrain.

Overall, I'm impressed with everything I have going on and how much I've been able to do so far. Not too bad on the productivity meter, I think.

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