Terminators Ready

At 4am today, I finished my squad of Terminators. Just in time for today's 40K match against my coworker Jesse's new Chaos Space Marines army.

Terminator Squad Invictus

Sadly, his Chaos Terminators killed mine with ease. I saw this coming, though, considering his squad was all equipped with power weapons and I had mostly power fists. They still did well though.

But I did win today's battle (2-1). It was a Seize Ground, Dawn of War setup. I basically started off with two objectives in my deployment zone, so I mostly just positioned gun lines and held the objectives as he charged.

For the past few days now I've been painting up my Planetary Empires tiles. I'm creating the home world of the Red Dragons, which I hope to portray as a lush, vegetation-covered world. Since most Space Marine chapters are drawn from death worlds, I've decided to instill a population of deadly predators into its fluff.

I had two Hive City tiles, but unfortunately I lost one of the spires, so it looks like I'll only have one Hive City to start with until I can order another set. But so far, the tiles look amazing. I'll post pictures of them soon.


Battle Hymn

Had a good game at the Whiz tonight. We played a 2v3 game, with the Red Dragons and a Black Templars army battling Orks, Tyranids, and Tau. I can honestly say we crushed them. By turn two, we had wiped out nearly all of the Orks and a good chunk of the Tau, with the majority of our own forces remaining (almost untouched).

Invading Orks!

Melee with an Ork Warboss.

Orks are gone!

Highlights of the night were:

-Commander Shinra, accompanied by a combat squad of three standard Marines (two were killed prior by shooting attacks), slaughtered three Tau battlesuits in the first round of melee.

-Dreadnought Larry in Drop Pod AMB arrived directly beside a squad of 15-or-so Ork Lootas, opened fire and killed seven of them with his heavy flamer and another two with his assault cannon.

It was a lot of fun, and can't wait 'til next week.

Oh, and I'm nearly done with my Terminators. All that's left is the gun, sword, helmet and (gold) markings on the Sergeant's suit. Cannot wait to start fielding them soon!


The Suffering

I don't know what it is lately, but I've been quite inspired to create new HQ units for the Red Dragons. I'm currently designing and building a new captain, with:
-Relic blade (S:6 power weapon)
-Artificer armor (2+ armor save)
-Storm shield (3+ invulnerable save)
-Digital weapons (re-roll a failed to-wound)
-Meltabombs (S:8 + 2D6 armor penetration)
-Jump pack (12" movement, able to deep strike)

He'd be expensive points-wise but an absolute monster in melee (WS:6, I:4, A:3, W:3). Not sure on a name yet. I need to bits order a few pieces to complete him anyway.

As I posted before, I finished Captain Killmatic. As you can see here, he could be counted as having either dual power fists, or a pair of lightning claws, but it looks like I'll be counting him as the former for five S:8 attacks on the charge.

Last night I played an annihilation match against mechanized Imperial Guard. I lost (6-4) but mostly because I came ill-equipped against IG. I don't think I've ever faced them before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Honestly I thought he'd have more infantry on foot rather than all in vehicles.

But I can't put this off any longer: I seriously need to add meltaguns to my army. Sure, I have a multimelta that I could use, but I don't have any regular meltaguns. My lascannons are great vehicle killers, but they're so expensive and beause they're heavy weapons it hurts a squad's mobility. I also need to start equipping meltabombs to sergeants and HQs in general. Using krak grenades works alright, but meltabombs would be much more effective.

I'm still painting up my Terminators and terrain.

Overall, I'm impressed with everything I have going on and how much I've been able to do so far. Not too bad on the productivity meter, I think.