Danger Zone

These past few weeks have been rather slow with productivity:

I finished assembling my Rhino. I decided to add dual storm bolters to its hull, for maximum firepower during movement.

I'm done painting Captain Killmatic. Pictures are coming soon.

I've done a little more painting on the Terminators and some scenery.

I'm teaching my coworker Jesse how to play. He chose Chaos Marines as his force, and already has a frigload of models.

I went to the Whiz on Tuesday for the campaign but I think it's essentially dead. When I showed up, there were a couple throwdown games going on, a bunch of people building models, and a few more just hanging out. I think the main reason for the lack of battles was the immense amount of rain we've been getting. It just sours the killing mood.

But in general, I haven't been able to play much lately, or do any significant painting, due to work and a hectic life.

Hopefully with the next update I'll have something better to post about, with pictures.

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