Danger Zone

These past few weeks have been rather slow with productivity:

I finished assembling my Rhino. I decided to add dual storm bolters to its hull, for maximum firepower during movement.

I'm done painting Captain Killmatic. Pictures are coming soon.

I've done a little more painting on the Terminators and some scenery.

I'm teaching my coworker Jesse how to play. He chose Chaos Marines as his force, and already has a frigload of models.

I went to the Whiz on Tuesday for the campaign but I think it's essentially dead. When I showed up, there were a couple throwdown games going on, a bunch of people building models, and a few more just hanging out. I think the main reason for the lack of battles was the immense amount of rain we've been getting. It just sours the killing mood.

But in general, I haven't been able to play much lately, or do any significant painting, due to work and a hectic life.

Hopefully with the next update I'll have something better to post about, with pictures.


Everybody Scream

Saturday's megabattle went really well, despite losing due to having to end it early. It took about seven hours to get to the end of turn three. Had it gone on, my team would've won.

Here are some highlights.

My army's deployment. I held a Dreadnought in a Drop Pod in reserve. With all this firepower defending, I really thought we had a chance of eliminating the advancing hordes before they reached the objectives.

The Ork and Tyranid threats were very intimidating. Thankfully I didn't have to deal with the Stompa, or hundreds of Orks. This is only a small portion of the full Ork tide on this table.

Unfortunately, I did have to face a bunch of big Tyranids and mechanized Orks.

Surprisingly, the Imperial Guard's Baneblade was mostly useless, killing only a few units before the mechanized Orks destroyed it.

Although we did manage to take out a considerable amount of the enemy, they still overran us and ended up capturing the objectives. Had we gone on to a turn four, or more, my ground units would've opened fire on the enemies above, and then some Valkyries full of Space Wolves would've been hot-dropped right onto the landing pad to take it back.


One Step Closer

Well, a lot of things happened since my last update.

I took part in another installment of the summer campaign at the Whiz last Tuesday, and faced off against Necrons. It was my first time battling them, in a Planetstrike mission, and I'm happy to report I won. It was incredibly close, and I had an amazingly lucky first turn.

With my initial bombardments, I took out most of his Destroyers (I think he had about nine originally, and was then reduced to about three before using the We'll Be Back rule).

During deployment, my opponent put all of his Warriors into two bunkers. When the game started, I used the strategem 'Teleport Barrage', and took out nine of his Necrons from one bunker (leaving only four within). The other bunker held 14 still, but I was quite happy using this tactic.

Then, to add insult to injury, I was able to actually destroy one of his two Monoliths while still on the first turn. That made me overjoyed.

The rest of the game was pretty much just me trying to phase him out. I wasn't entirely satisfied with this win due to how close the game ended; I really wanted a crushing victory more than a close-call. Oh well, I'm not complaining!

In other news, I bought some new primer for my models. I decided that $15 was too much for a can of Games Workshop's, and even $12 was too much for Battlefront's, so I bargain shopped at Wal-Mart and came across a can of black Krylon: Fusion for only $4.34. I've been using it, and it works (and looks) exactly the same as Games Workshop's but $10 cheaper! So glad I got it.

I've also been painting my Terminators, some terrain (gun emplacements and barricades), and a model I've been working on for years that I call Captain Killmatic. He's a secret project, and only two other people have ever seen him. When he's done, people will love him. He's one of my best conversions yet.

On Saturday there's going to be a "megabattle" at the Whiz, for people to bring 2,000 points worth of their army (or multiples of). Registration is at 9am, so hopefully I'll be attending. And next Tuesday continues our campaign.

But that's about all for now, I think. Later.