War is the Answer

Here's a grim battle report:
10,000-point Apocalypse battle
2,000 points per player (5v5)
16' of table
Antagonists control two super-heavies

Antagonists: Dark Eldar, Necrons, Orks, Orks, Traitor Guard.

Protagonists: Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, Red Dragons (Space Marines), Soul Drinkers (Space Marines), Tau.

After such a long, insane game, I can hardly remember the details of the battle. I learned, however, to never again field my army across the whole board. It's just too confusing and can mess things up, especially if the other sections start acting like independent games and deviate their turns ahead of, or behind, the rest.

I do remember the highlights of the night though:

Chaplain Voytek valiantly (or foolishly?) threw himself into a nearly endless tide of Orks. He managed to take down three of them before his inevitable demise. His entire 9-man assault squad had been obliterated by a super-heavy before getting into close combat.

Reaper landed on target, blew its hatches and Dreadnought Steve charged out with his heavy flamer and assault cannon blazing. He took out a significant amount of Orks (can't remember how many) before getting blown up.

Squadron X3Z arrived via reserves at the last minute and killed at least half a dozen Orks. Unfortunately, there were just too many of them. The squadron was eventually destroyed, one by one.

Commander Shinra amazingly fought off an assault by nine Wyches without suffering a single wound and inflicted three casualties! Sadly, he died after being attacked by a fresh squad of Wyches later on.

All in all, it was a great game. I knew we were doomed from the start, but it was worth at least trying. Next time I hope to field my Terminators. Thankfully I have two weeks to finish painting them.

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