War is the Answer

Here's a grim battle report:
10,000-point Apocalypse battle
2,000 points per player (5v5)
16' of table
Antagonists control two super-heavies

Antagonists: Dark Eldar, Necrons, Orks, Orks, Traitor Guard.

Protagonists: Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, Red Dragons (Space Marines), Soul Drinkers (Space Marines), Tau.

After such a long, insane game, I can hardly remember the details of the battle. I learned, however, to never again field my army across the whole board. It's just too confusing and can mess things up, especially if the other sections start acting like independent games and deviate their turns ahead of, or behind, the rest.

I do remember the highlights of the night though:

Chaplain Voytek valiantly (or foolishly?) threw himself into a nearly endless tide of Orks. He managed to take down three of them before his inevitable demise. His entire 9-man assault squad had been obliterated by a super-heavy before getting into close combat.

Reaper landed on target, blew its hatches and Dreadnought Steve charged out with his heavy flamer and assault cannon blazing. He took out a significant amount of Orks (can't remember how many) before getting blown up.

Squadron X3Z arrived via reserves at the last minute and killed at least half a dozen Orks. Unfortunately, there were just too many of them. The squadron was eventually destroyed, one by one.

Commander Shinra amazingly fought off an assault by nine Wyches without suffering a single wound and inflicted three casualties! Sadly, he died after being attacked by a fresh squad of Wyches later on.

All in all, it was a great game. I knew we were doomed from the start, but it was worth at least trying. Next time I hope to field my Terminators. Thankfully I have two weeks to finish painting them.


Throwing Fire

The past few nights I've spent re-painting my earlier models. When I first started my army, my paint schemes were erratic and inconsistent.

I've touched up Commander Shinra, Librarian Dante, and Chaplain Voytek.

I also completely re-painted my missile launcher Devastator Marines. For some reason, long ago, I decided that Marines wielding missile launchers were going to have reversed color schemes from regular infantry. Where normal troops have black, they have red (and vice versa) except for the shoulder pads and helmet.

It never made sense for me to single out missile launchers from standard or other heavy/special weapons troops, so I brought them in line with the other heavy/special weapons Marines.

So, at long last, here's my paint scheme system, which is based on rank:

   Terminators: Solid red with gold helmets.
   Sergeants: Solid red with normal helmets (black grills).
   Assault Marines: Red and black, with normal helmets (black grills).
   Heavy/Special Marines: Red and black, with normal helmets (black grills).
   Standard Marines: Red and black, with normal helmets (silver grills).

However, my three HQs have unique color schemes. Typically they follow the red and black combination, but with many more decorations, commendations and eccentricities. They're "independent characters" for a reason!

In other painting news, I've completed a second Terminator. Only a few remain now. I'm actually surprised at how quickly I'm getting them painted. Plus, they look really good. I should have them finished in a matter of weeks, possibly even before next Tuesday's campaign!

Well, I'm going to do some more painting tonight. Maybe I can finish up a third Terminator. I doubt it, but who knows.