When Worlds Collide

Before I really get into this blog update, I'd like to take a quick moment to note that in the past 36 hours, I've only gotten an hour of sleep. I am exhausted beyond words.

But, despite starting my new job this morning, on only an hour of sleep (if you can even call it that), I decided to check out the Whiz tonight for its official 40K evening.

It was absolutely packed. There must've been 10+ people playing, with two Apocalypse-size games going on: a massive Planetstrike battle and a big Cities of Death match. The picture embedded here is from the latter (4,000 points, 2v2).

I was way too tired to join in or play a separate game, although I did bring my army just in case I was able to shake off my sleepiness.

I'll definitely be going again next Tuesday, hopefully with a lot more rest.

Unfortunately I was too busy with my girlfriend during the weekend to visit the Whiz on Sunday, and I've had an off-and-on toothache for the past few days which has kept me from doing any hobby stuff.

However, I'm still working on my Terminators right now, but rather unsuccessfully with imagining a color scheme. In particular, I'm having trouble with their helmets.

But I can't think straight anymore, so I'm going to sleep!

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