Watch 'Em Fall

So here it is. After years of sitting around, collecting dust, I've finally painted one (of eight!) Terminators.

It was surprisingly quick and easy, actually. Once I figured out the helmet dilemma, the rest was simple.

I've learned, though, that of the couple dozen paints I possess, most have dried up or become "muddy" in texture. Most I never even used once. I feel foolish, in retrospect, for buying all these paints and just letting them expire. It was an obvious waste of money, too.

But now I know better. I'll need to replace a bunch of my paints soon though. And just the other day I bought a pot of light green paint but I know it will be put to good use on some of my terrain pieces.

Anyway, tomorrow night I'll be at the Whiz. No idea if I'll play a game or not, but it should be fun either way.

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