Overview: Spearhead

Yesterday I picked up the new expansion, Spearhead, and I must admit it's pretty good.

Many players seem to be complaining that the datasheets for the formations are all online. Who cares? The main rules are what's important. For only $9, what did they expect? Even Battle Missions - which was such a letdown - is $25.

The parts I like most are the three new missions and the three new deployment types.

Since they're official, I'm going to try to integrate them into my gaming group's regular games. Considering the normal roll off is done on a D6, and there's now a total of six mission and six deployment types, it only makes sense to include them on the deciding rolls. The new D6 roll offs would be as such:

1: Seize Ground
2: Capture & Control
3: Annihilation
4: Breakthrough
5: Lightning War
6: Vital Objective

1: Pitched Battle
2: Spearhead
3: Dawn of War
4: Counter-Attack
5: Cauldron
6: Escalation

I'm particularly a fan of the new missions and deployments because having only three of each (from the main rules) can get stagnant rather quickly. Not less fun, just too bland.

Plus, I've always enjoyed the concept of battles using the short sides rather than the long sides. It allows for an additional 2' of tactical maneuvering on the board. Just seems better to me.

This Sunday I'll be going to the Whiz again; see what the guys think.

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