Preparing for Termination

This week has been a disappointment in terms of any gaming. Sunday I worked all day, and Tuesday I worked all night. Luckily, my manager told me today that next Tuesday I have off, so I should be able to attend 40K night at the Whiz.

I began painting my Terminators this week. I still don't know exactly what I'm going to do for their helmets, but I plan on painting their bodies in the mean time.

I have eight Terminators in total, but right now I'm focusing on the four regular Terminators, Terminator Sergeant, and Terminator with assault cannon. The last model I'll paint is the Terminator Librarian. I don't know if I'll bother painting the Terminator with heavy flamer though.

I've begun craving painting scenery pieces again too. It helps break up the monotony, I find. So I'll probably do up some of the aegis defense line walls, or possibly the Planetstrike automated guns.

Anyway, I'll update again once more progress has been made.

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