I Want Your Violence

So tonight I took place in the current campaign being run at the Whiz. It was 1,000 points each player, and essentially protagonists versus antagonists. Our teams of five were split, with 2v2 on a space hulk and 3v3 at a military base. I was recruited for the latter on the antagonists side. Since my teammates were Daemons and Orks, the Red Dragons were declared traitors for the battle. The enemy consisted of Tau, Salamanders, and Blood Angels.

The part my team didn't know was that the result of the space hulk could very well impact our battle. My army took a heavy toll because of this, but we'll get into that in a moment!

To start with, here's the shot of the space hulk table. It was rather impressive, and extremely lightweight (made of foam). From view screens and radar displays to control stations and consoles, it was a very well done board.

This is my army's deployment, for the most part. I had another tactical squad that arrived via outflanking on the other side of the board, and was utterly useless. The green Imperial Guard tanks represented empty vehicles. The two objectives were a Lightning and a Thunderbolt, with a Valkyrie as an objective tiebreaker should we have needed it.

This is about halfway through the game. As you can see, my assault squad took quite a few casualties to plasma weaponry (friggin' Blood Angels!). The crater near the middle of the field was from my Dreadnought blowing up a Blood Angels Dreadnought.

Here you can see my Dreadnought has charged into melee against the three remaining Blood Angels after shooting them with an assault cannon and heavy flamer. At the top of the picture, Daemonettes and Kroot fight for the Thunderbolt objective.

My Dreadnought takes out another Blood Angel, but the most noticeable thing about this picture is how my squad of 10 marines in the previous shot were reduced to only three. Yes, my army suffered seven casualties from an orbital bombardment launched by the space hulk! Even worse, this meant our separated teammates had lost the battle on the other board.

At the end of the battle, we won. It was a very tense, close game. I guess by capturing both the Lightning and the Thunderbolt, they'll have parts to play in the next game. I had a lot of fun, and look forward to the next step in the campaign (two weeks from tonight).

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