Fear the Reaper

I finished reading the Horus Heresy: A Thousand Sons novel and have moved on to the Grey Knights omnibus. After reading A Thousand Sons, my animosity for the Space Wolves has increased tenfold. I've never liked them, and now I really, really don't like them.

My Drop Pod is finally completely done, inside and out. I'm quite pleased with the outcome, and so thankful all that painting is over. I'll feel much more comfortable now fielding it as a Dreadnought transport (hence the lack of seats/straps). I also gave it a name: Reaper.

Now to begin work on some Terminators and a Rhino. Terminators first though, I'm friggin' sick of doing vehicles at the moment.

Since the guys have been absent the past three or four Sundays, I've decided to switch to Tuesday nights. Tuesday - being the official 40K night at the Whiz - is guaranteed to have other players present, and I'm yearning to get my wargaming on.

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