I Want Your Violence

So tonight I took place in the current campaign being run at the Whiz. It was 1,000 points each player, and essentially protagonists versus antagonists. Our teams of five were split, with 2v2 on a space hulk and 3v3 at a military base. I was recruited for the latter on the antagonists side. Since my teammates were Daemons and Orks, the Red Dragons were declared traitors for the battle. The enemy consisted of Tau, Salamanders, and Blood Angels.

The part my team didn't know was that the result of the space hulk could very well impact our battle. My army took a heavy toll because of this, but we'll get into that in a moment!

To start with, here's the shot of the space hulk table. It was rather impressive, and extremely lightweight (made of foam). From view screens and radar displays to control stations and consoles, it was a very well done board.

This is my army's deployment, for the most part. I had another tactical squad that arrived via outflanking on the other side of the board, and was utterly useless. The green Imperial Guard tanks represented empty vehicles. The two objectives were a Lightning and a Thunderbolt, with a Valkyrie as an objective tiebreaker should we have needed it.

This is about halfway through the game. As you can see, my assault squad took quite a few casualties to plasma weaponry (friggin' Blood Angels!). The crater near the middle of the field was from my Dreadnought blowing up a Blood Angels Dreadnought.

Here you can see my Dreadnought has charged into melee against the three remaining Blood Angels after shooting them with an assault cannon and heavy flamer. At the top of the picture, Daemonettes and Kroot fight for the Thunderbolt objective.

My Dreadnought takes out another Blood Angel, but the most noticeable thing about this picture is how my squad of 10 marines in the previous shot were reduced to only three. Yes, my army suffered seven casualties from an orbital bombardment launched by the space hulk! Even worse, this meant our separated teammates had lost the battle on the other board.

At the end of the battle, we won. It was a very tense, close game. I guess by capturing both the Lightning and the Thunderbolt, they'll have parts to play in the next game. I had a lot of fun, and look forward to the next step in the campaign (two weeks from tonight).


Watch 'Em Fall

So here it is. After years of sitting around, collecting dust, I've finally painted one (of eight!) Terminators.

It was surprisingly quick and easy, actually. Once I figured out the helmet dilemma, the rest was simple.

I've learned, though, that of the couple dozen paints I possess, most have dried up or become "muddy" in texture. Most I never even used once. I feel foolish, in retrospect, for buying all these paints and just letting them expire. It was an obvious waste of money, too.

But now I know better. I'll need to replace a bunch of my paints soon though. And just the other day I bought a pot of light green paint but I know it will be put to good use on some of my terrain pieces.

Anyway, tomorrow night I'll be at the Whiz. No idea if I'll play a game or not, but it should be fun either way.


The Body Count is Growing

So I finally figured out what I'm going to do for the Terminator helmets. As shown below, the helmet will primarily be gold with silver for the mouth grill.

With this scheme, the eyes can maintain the same red as the rest of my army's infantry, while the gold adds to the prestige of the model by subtlety standing out.

I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to paint the models' right hands red or black. Since my army's colors are red and black, I think it'd be wise to leave a little black (aside from the "soft/joint" parts of the armor) to help blend in. On the other hand, I think it might look good red too.

My biggest concern is that the Blood Angels chapter (which my army is always confused for) makes the left hands' powerfists black, and the right hands red. I don't want to make it seem like I'm playing off their scheme (reversing it). I have a hard enough time as it is getting my army accepted and recognized as a chapter of my own imagining.

Anyway, my first Terminator is nearly done, so I'll probably post a picture or two of it tomorrow.


Preparing for Termination

This week has been a disappointment in terms of any gaming. Sunday I worked all day, and Tuesday I worked all night. Luckily, my manager told me today that next Tuesday I have off, so I should be able to attend 40K night at the Whiz.

I began painting my Terminators this week. I still don't know exactly what I'm going to do for their helmets, but I plan on painting their bodies in the mean time.

I have eight Terminators in total, but right now I'm focusing on the four regular Terminators, Terminator Sergeant, and Terminator with assault cannon. The last model I'll paint is the Terminator Librarian. I don't know if I'll bother painting the Terminator with heavy flamer though.

I've begun craving painting scenery pieces again too. It helps break up the monotony, I find. So I'll probably do up some of the aegis defense line walls, or possibly the Planetstrike automated guns.

Anyway, I'll update again once more progress has been made.


When Worlds Collide

Before I really get into this blog update, I'd like to take a quick moment to note that in the past 36 hours, I've only gotten an hour of sleep. I am exhausted beyond words.

But, despite starting my new job this morning, on only an hour of sleep (if you can even call it that), I decided to check out the Whiz tonight for its official 40K evening.

It was absolutely packed. There must've been 10+ people playing, with two Apocalypse-size games going on: a massive Planetstrike battle and a big Cities of Death match. The picture embedded here is from the latter (4,000 points, 2v2).

I was way too tired to join in or play a separate game, although I did bring my army just in case I was able to shake off my sleepiness.

I'll definitely be going again next Tuesday, hopefully with a lot more rest.

Unfortunately I was too busy with my girlfriend during the weekend to visit the Whiz on Sunday, and I've had an off-and-on toothache for the past few days which has kept me from doing any hobby stuff.

However, I'm still working on my Terminators right now, but rather unsuccessfully with imagining a color scheme. In particular, I'm having trouble with their helmets.

But I can't think straight anymore, so I'm going to sleep!


Fear the Reaper

I finished reading the Horus Heresy: A Thousand Sons novel and have moved on to the Grey Knights omnibus. After reading A Thousand Sons, my animosity for the Space Wolves has increased tenfold. I've never liked them, and now I really, really don't like them.

My Drop Pod is finally completely done, inside and out. I'm quite pleased with the outcome, and so thankful all that painting is over. I'll feel much more comfortable now fielding it as a Dreadnought transport (hence the lack of seats/straps). I also gave it a name: Reaper.

Now to begin work on some Terminators and a Rhino. Terminators first though, I'm friggin' sick of doing vehicles at the moment.

Since the guys have been absent the past three or four Sundays, I've decided to switch to Tuesday nights. Tuesday - being the official 40K night at the Whiz - is guaranteed to have other players present, and I'm yearning to get my wargaming on.


Overview: Spearhead

Yesterday I picked up the new expansion, Spearhead, and I must admit it's pretty good.

Many players seem to be complaining that the datasheets for the formations are all online. Who cares? The main rules are what's important. For only $9, what did they expect? Even Battle Missions - which was such a letdown - is $25.

The parts I like most are the three new missions and the three new deployment types.

Since they're official, I'm going to try to integrate them into my gaming group's regular games. Considering the normal roll off is done on a D6, and there's now a total of six mission and six deployment types, it only makes sense to include them on the deciding rolls. The new D6 roll offs would be as such:

1: Seize Ground
2: Capture & Control
3: Annihilation
4: Breakthrough
5: Lightning War
6: Vital Objective

1: Pitched Battle
2: Spearhead
3: Dawn of War
4: Counter-Attack
5: Cauldron
6: Escalation

I'm particularly a fan of the new missions and deployments because having only three of each (from the main rules) can get stagnant rather quickly. Not less fun, just too bland.

Plus, I've always enjoyed the concept of battles using the short sides rather than the long sides. It allows for an additional 2' of tactical maneuvering on the board. Just seems better to me.

This Sunday I'll be going to the Whiz again; see what the guys think.