War Cry

Tomorrow morning I shall awake and unleash my wrath upon my foes. None will survive, and nothing will be left standing. All will perish and be in ruins by day's end.

Well, if I don't roll ones all day, that is.

It's been about a month now since I've gamed with the guys. I've been so busy with the girlfriend, and the last couple Sundays the guys weren't there. Hopefully they're at the Whiz tomorrow.

My Drop Pod is damn-near done. I just need to paint the inside of the doors. I've been having difficulty with thinking of a color scheme for it. Looking at images in Games Workshop books, and from players on the Internet, there's so many schemes and themes.

I'm not a fan of the yellow and black "hazard stripes", mostly because I think it's common sense that doors which are literally blown open would be dangerous.

The scheme of the Ultramarines Drop Pod might fit better, though, with the army's primary color framing around the sides, and a dirty metal on the walkway. It would also be quite easy to paint, which is another factor that has me leaning towards this coloration.

Also, I've been anxiously awaiting my copy of the 2010 Forge World catalogue. I've put in two requests for it now, starting a couple months ago. Either the demand for them is really high, or the U.S. postal inspectors are quite thorough with foreign mail.

Well, we'll see how tomorrow goes. Wish me luck, because the dice gods know I need it.

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