Memento Mori

I just finished painting this statue, which I have dubbed Lord Nero. I've been working on it (off and on) for about a month now. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on it (and the broken Aquila), I had to have it. When I finally had enough money to buy it, I went to the Whiz and they had only one box left. I really lucked out on that one.

Lord Nero was the former Chapter Master of the Red Dragons before being slain in the Fall of Medusa V campaign. Prior to his death, he had led the Red Dragons through countless campaigns over several centuries.

In M41, the Red Dragons descended upon the world of Arachnos VIII after receiving a distress call. Once planetfall had been made, the Red Dragons were soon confronted by awakened Necrons. Despite quelling the Necron threat, the toll on the Red Dragons had been great; Lord Nero personally lost his right hand from the slash of a Destroyer Lord's warscythe. Eager to fight again, his hand was quickly replaced with a bionic.

In M42, the Red Dragons were called to the doomed planet of Medusa V. Tasked with staving off enemy forces so the Imperial citizens could evacuate, the Red Dragons successfully prevented Chaos Marines from reaching the evacuation sites. In a heroic last stand, Lord Nero met his demise battling Lucius the Eternal, just as the final transport left ground.

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