Memento Mori

I just finished painting this statue, which I have dubbed Lord Nero. I've been working on it (off and on) for about a month now. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on it (and the broken Aquila), I had to have it. When I finally had enough money to buy it, I went to the Whiz and they had only one box left. I really lucked out on that one.

Lord Nero was the former Chapter Master of the Red Dragons before being slain in the Fall of Medusa V campaign. Prior to his death, he had led the Red Dragons through countless campaigns over several centuries.

In M41, the Red Dragons descended upon the world of Arachnos VIII after receiving a distress call. Once planetfall had been made, the Red Dragons were soon confronted by awakened Necrons. Despite quelling the Necron threat, the toll on the Red Dragons had been great; Lord Nero personally lost his right hand from the slash of a Destroyer Lord's warscythe. Eager to fight again, his hand was quickly replaced with a bionic.

In M42, the Red Dragons were called to the doomed planet of Medusa V. Tasked with staving off enemy forces so the Imperial citizens could evacuate, the Red Dragons successfully prevented Chaos Marines from reaching the evacuation sites. In a heroic last stand, Lord Nero met his demise battling Lucius the Eternal, just as the final transport left ground.


War Cry

Tomorrow morning I shall awake and unleash my wrath upon my foes. None will survive, and nothing will be left standing. All will perish and be in ruins by day's end.

Well, if I don't roll ones all day, that is.

It's been about a month now since I've gamed with the guys. I've been so busy with the girlfriend, and the last couple Sundays the guys weren't there. Hopefully they're at the Whiz tomorrow.

My Drop Pod is damn-near done. I just need to paint the inside of the doors. I've been having difficulty with thinking of a color scheme for it. Looking at images in Games Workshop books, and from players on the Internet, there's so many schemes and themes.

I'm not a fan of the yellow and black "hazard stripes", mostly because I think it's common sense that doors which are literally blown open would be dangerous.

The scheme of the Ultramarines Drop Pod might fit better, though, with the army's primary color framing around the sides, and a dirty metal on the walkway. It would also be quite easy to paint, which is another factor that has me leaning towards this coloration.

Also, I've been anxiously awaiting my copy of the 2010 Forge World catalogue. I've put in two requests for it now, starting a couple months ago. Either the demand for them is really high, or the U.S. postal inspectors are quite thorough with foreign mail.

Well, we'll see how tomorrow goes. Wish me luck, because the dice gods know I need it.


Two Birds

Gaming today was really fun. I met a new player at the Whiz: Matt. He plays Tyranids and Eldar, and has painted most of his models (the Eldar especially well).

Josh, Garret, and Chris were also there today, but Chris was way too hungover to play, plus I guess he left most of his Chaos Marines at home by accident.

Given the circumstances, Josh, Matt, Garret and I all decided to play a two-on-two match (1,000 points per player, team-shared Force Organization Charts but with the exception of each player guaranteed an HQ and two Troops). The match type was Seize Ground, and the deployment Dawn of War.

It was Garret (Tau) and Josh (Eldar) versus Matt (Tyranids) and me (Space Marines).

Needless to say, it was quite interesting to play against the new champion Garret and my nemesis Josh in a single game. Not only that, but Matt and I won!

I have to admit our success depended mostly on the fact that our tactics complemented each other very well.

The one thing I've noticed most of all in two-on-two games is that they tend to split the board into two different games. Usually it becomes one player against another, almost like there's separate games going on but sharing the same board. We used that to our advantage.

Matt's Tyranids went after Josh's Eldar, and my Space Marines went up against Garret's Tau.

At first, Garret's Tau damaged my force pretty badly by taking out two of my three Land Speeders and killing off some of my infantry. Vengefully, however, my army struck back and took a bite out of his force.

And, in an epic fight, Commander Shinra fought in a five-turn melee with Commander O'Shovah plus his Crisis Suit retinue.

I was incredibly impressed with my Commander's performance in the combat, as not only did he single-handedly take out all three of the Crisis Suits in two turns, but when it came down to just Shinra against O'Shovah, they dueled for three turns before managing to actually kill each other simultaneously! It was an amazing battle, and ended tragically but triumphantly.

And speaking of Garret, I'm thankful I was able to play him today, as tomorrow he's moving back to Long Island, NY, for the summer. Apparently he's only in the area for college. This is a shame for three reasons:

    1) He'll remain champion, uncontested, for the entire summer.
    2) I didn't get the chance to take any pictures of his Tau, which are painted a pretty badass black and red (his color scheme is almost the polar opposite of mine).
    3) I won't be able to battle him again for a while.

The pro to #3's con is that I have all summer to practice. Perhaps by the fall I'll have honed my skills and become a better general? Only time will tell.

But today was a lot of fun, and it was a good game. And did I mention that my team won?! To take down the champion and my nemesis at the same time is truly a great feeling.

Tomorrow night I'll be going back to the Whiz, since it's painting night and I know the guys will be there. I might play a game, but I also might paint. My Drop Pod needs finishing, and I've grabbed a few primed but unpainted models that I want to get done as well (Terminators and a couple heavy weapons Marines).

Until then!