Tonight I went to the Whiz. I didn't arrive until roughly 5:30, so I only had a couple hours to actually game.

Josh and I played a 1,250-point Annihilation match, and I lost (6-4).

I actually used my Drop Pod though, and was satisfied with the tactic of deepstriking a Dreadnought onto the battlefield. Unfortunately it didn't arrive until turn three, and there was really little for it to do aside from shoot at and assault Eldrad.

When I got to the Whiz, Garret was playing a demo game of Malifaux with the store owner Chris. Sadly, he really wanted to play against me tonight but there was just no time for it. I'm sure we'll battle at some point, but considering he's been crowned our gaming group's new champion, I'd be little more than easy prey for him.

My agenda now is to finish painting the Drop Pod and to complete my Rhino, then prime and paint it.

However, I have a headache at the moment, so I'll probably start on that stuff tomorrow night.

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