Down with the Sickness

For a little over three weeks now, I've been incredibly sick. It started as... I don't know what, to be honest. I was dizzy, light-headed, and literally bed-stricken. After that, I got bronchitis and a head cold. Now the bronchitis is over, but the cold lingers (albeit nearly gone).

I was so sick, I actually got nauseous from looking at my models. It's the weirdest thing. My friend Dave thinks it was possibly caused from subconscious thoughts of the paint and glue fumes.

So, I have done nothing with my models.

However, after receiving a $10 gift certificate for the Whiz last week, this weekend I bought the new Honoured Imperium scenery kit and built it, and just before getting sick I mostly built a Rhino. Once the Drop Pod is done, I'll continue working on the Rhino.

Today I was able to play a game at the Whiz, too. It's nice having a job that's merely Monday through Friday, leaving weekends off. I played against Rob's Witch Hunters army in a 1,250 points match. I felt pretty comfortable making a 1,250 list, it was my first and I liked it much better than the too restricting 1,000-point games we'd been playing before.

The match type was Seize Ground, the setup was Spearhead. It was a really great game, despite my loss, and it was so close. There were three objectives, and Rob captured one, and I held two until his Callidus assassin contested one and a single Seraphim contested the other. We ended on turn five, and had it gone to turn six, I definitely would've killed the Seraphim and Callidus and won the game. It all came down to the roll of having a sixth turn. But what a close, well-done game. I enjoyed it very much, and so did Rob.

Tomorrow night I'm going back to the Whiz to play against Josh's Eldar. It'll be nice to face my nemesis again.

Also, I finished Ravenor. What a really good book. I recommend it, but only to someone who's read Eisenhorn. Now I'm reading A Thousand Sons, which is also pretty good so far.

Oh, and there's a new guy to the group: Garret. He seems like a pretty cool dude, and after watching him play a couple games I could tell he's experienced and knows what he's doing. He has a nicely painted Tau force. I look forward to battling him.

I'll update again tomorrow night.

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