Blind. Ignorant. Stubborn.

These are the words I'd describe myself as being in the light of Games Workshop's "Foundation" paints.

Released in 2007, they gained positive reviews from the gaming community and praise from the painting gamers. I remained skeptical, stuck in my old ways.

I have now seen the error in my judgment.

After getting absolutely exhausted (and bored) with doing so many coats on repetitive parts of my Drop Pod, I decided on Sunday to check out the Foundation paints. They were, in essence, my last hope to getting this thing finished in a timely manner.

Looking at the selection, I noticed there was only one red color, Mechrite Red, which was somewhat of a maroon (similar to Scab Red).

Once home, I grabbed my Whirlwind as a test model. When I had painted it years ago, I only did one barely-there coat on the underside. I figured a place like that would rarely see the light of day anyway.

I put it on the table, upside down, and brushed a layer of Mechrite Red on it. I was astonished that it did as others said it would: it completely covered both the red and the black from my previous attempt in just a single coat.

Now, mind you, the Mechrite Red is much duller than the Blood Red that I use, but as an undercoat I was very impressed!

I was immediately wanting to apply it elsewhere, and moved back to my Drop Pod. Within 45 minutes, I had completely covered all the blank spots intended for Blood Red with the Foundation paint.

I was amazed, excited, and motivated.

Judging by how much I've accomplished in less than 24 hours, I estimate all of the red should be done by Friday.

Words cannot describe my enthusiasm right now.

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