Fire Your Guns

Despite having to work this Sunday, I lucked out and only have to be there 'til 2pm, so I'll be stopping by the Whiz immediately after. Thankfully it's directly across the street, so I'll have a few hours of gaming... or at least hanging out with the guys.

I took a brief break from painting the Drop Pod, but it was mostly credited to working so much. What little time to myself I've been granted lately has been used to either sleep or lethargically lounge.

Today and tomorrow I have off, so I plan on doing a lot of painting in the evenings. It probably won't be done by Sunday, but I can always try.

I need time to study anyway. With the defeats I've suffered lately, I need to sharpen my skills. These past few losses recently were absurd and showed blatant overconfidence and foolish ignorance on my part. I won't let this happen again.

Also, on Saturday I grabbed the Battle Missions expansion. It's pretty disappointing, in my opinion. The missions aren't that great, there's very little inspiring artwork/photos, and absolutely no fluff. It just doesn't feel up to par with the other expansions. Oh well.

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