Don't Stop Believing

I just realized I haven't gamed in almost a month, and I don't have any Sundays off in sight. The month is still young, though, so there is hope.

My Drop Pod is really getting closer to completion, and I'm getting excited about it. The repetition of the fins and numerous paint coats is a pain in the ass, but nearly done. Once the red is finished, I can finally move on to my favorite part of painting: the intricate detail work. Highlighting silvers, adding gold touches, etc.

By the time I have a Sunday off, this thing should be done. And with an appointment to file my taxes being March 11th, I'll soon have spare money to spend on new hobby supplies.

Oh, and speaking of new hobby stuff, I pre-ordered the Battle Missions expansion at the Whiz, and I get paid this Thursday, so when it releases on Saturday I should have a copy of it waiting for me!

Also, I ordered a mini rule book from eBay. In my opinion, no tabletop wargamer should be without a pocket-sized edition of the main rules.

I'm still playing Guild Wars and working on my World of Warcraft TCG deck, but they're not interfering, so there's no need to worry about getting distracted. So basically, good stuff.

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