Cut 'Em

Tomorrow I'm heading to the Whiz, and hopefully the guys are there. I went earlier today and the place was packed with people playing various game systems.

I also made use of my $5 gift certificate by purchasing The Grey Knights omnibus. I look forward to reading it soon. My only problem is I have roughly 200 pages left of the Ravenor omnibus, and then a bunch of Horus Heresy novels after: A Thousand Sons next, Nemesis in July, The First Heretic in August, and Prospero Burns in January of 2011.

With a release schedule like that, it'll be tough to fit such a thick book in there.

I'm sure I'll find the time somewhere.

Tonight I'm heading out, so I'll pack my stuff for tomorrow before leaving for the night. That way, when I wake up in the morning half-dead, I won't leave anything behind.

And no, the Drop Pod isn't complete yet. Getting closer and closer, though. It's going to be so exhilarating deepstriking a Dreadnought behind my enemy's front lines. I can imagine the look on my opponent's face when the Drop Pod lands, my Dreadnought charges out - guns blazing - and annihilates his infantry. I can't wait!

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