Blind. Ignorant. Stubborn.

These are the words I'd describe myself as being in the light of Games Workshop's "Foundation" paints.

Released in 2007, they gained positive reviews from the gaming community and praise from the painting gamers. I remained skeptical, stuck in my old ways.

I have now seen the error in my judgment.

After getting absolutely exhausted (and bored) with doing so many coats on repetitive parts of my Drop Pod, I decided on Sunday to check out the Foundation paints. They were, in essence, my last hope to getting this thing finished in a timely manner.

Looking at the selection, I noticed there was only one red color, Mechrite Red, which was somewhat of a maroon (similar to Scab Red).

Once home, I grabbed my Whirlwind as a test model. When I had painted it years ago, I only did one barely-there coat on the underside. I figured a place like that would rarely see the light of day anyway.

I put it on the table, upside down, and brushed a layer of Mechrite Red on it. I was astonished that it did as others said it would: it completely covered both the red and the black from my previous attempt in just a single coat.

Now, mind you, the Mechrite Red is much duller than the Blood Red that I use, but as an undercoat I was very impressed!

I was immediately wanting to apply it elsewhere, and moved back to my Drop Pod. Within 45 minutes, I had completely covered all the blank spots intended for Blood Red with the Foundation paint.

I was amazed, excited, and motivated.

Judging by how much I've accomplished in less than 24 hours, I estimate all of the red should be done by Friday.

Words cannot describe my enthusiasm right now.


Cut 'Em

Tomorrow I'm heading to the Whiz, and hopefully the guys are there. I went earlier today and the place was packed with people playing various game systems.

I also made use of my $5 gift certificate by purchasing The Grey Knights omnibus. I look forward to reading it soon. My only problem is I have roughly 200 pages left of the Ravenor omnibus, and then a bunch of Horus Heresy novels after: A Thousand Sons next, Nemesis in July, The First Heretic in August, and Prospero Burns in January of 2011.

With a release schedule like that, it'll be tough to fit such a thick book in there.

I'm sure I'll find the time somewhere.

Tonight I'm heading out, so I'll pack my stuff for tomorrow before leaving for the night. That way, when I wake up in the morning half-dead, I won't leave anything behind.

And no, the Drop Pod isn't complete yet. Getting closer and closer, though. It's going to be so exhilarating deepstriking a Dreadnought behind my enemy's front lines. I can imagine the look on my opponent's face when the Drop Pod lands, my Dreadnought charges out - guns blazing - and annihilates his infantry. I can't wait!


Careful What You Wish For

As much as I wanted a Sunday to come up as free for gaming, I didn't foresee losing my job. Well... it's not so much I lost it, as I gave it away. Long story.

But anyway, I have a couple interviews lined up, so I should be all set. In a brighter light, it looks like I'll have some resting and gaming time available to me now.

And I suppose I'll be attending the Whiz on Sunday for game-day. Also, I was informed I have a $5 gift certificate awaiting me there, so perhaps I'll make use of it.

I'm excited, although my Drop Pod is still in the works. I'll be happy just to see the guys again.


Pass the Brush

Here's an updated shot of my Drop Pod.

I've done the wings, the fins, and the inside's floor. Yes, the paint job is very sloppy right now (I'll re-touch the messiness later) but the progress is apparent. Now I just need to do all the doors (which will be yet another repetitive paint job!) and the storm bolter ceiling gun.

I'm probably going to have to buy some more red paint, as I have quite a bit more to apply. I'm down to roughly 25% in my pot, but thankfully have a full backup. Still, with how many coats it takes to cover just one side, it's better to be safe than sorry.

This picture was taken with my new camera, the Kodak EasyShare C160. The previous picture was from my old camera, the Sony Mavica FD-100.


I Stand Alone

Well, let me start by saying I'm friggin' exhausted. After only getting three hours of sleep last night and working five hours this morning, I was only partially disappointed when I showed up at the Whiz and none of the guys were there - which is quite unusual, considering the last gaming session I attended had over 12 people.

But, I'm sure it was the weather that deterred everyone from showing up today. It's chilly, windy, and raining.

So, like I said before, I'm not terribly disappointed. I'm tired as hell and the weather is just overall nasty.

I have to work next Sunday, so I'm not sure when I can do another game-day. We'll find out soon enough. Until then, just gotta keep working on the Drop Pod and tactics.


Fire Your Guns

Despite having to work this Sunday, I lucked out and only have to be there 'til 2pm, so I'll be stopping by the Whiz immediately after. Thankfully it's directly across the street, so I'll have a few hours of gaming... or at least hanging out with the guys.

I took a brief break from painting the Drop Pod, but it was mostly credited to working so much. What little time to myself I've been granted lately has been used to either sleep or lethargically lounge.

Today and tomorrow I have off, so I plan on doing a lot of painting in the evenings. It probably won't be done by Sunday, but I can always try.

I need time to study anyway. With the defeats I've suffered lately, I need to sharpen my skills. These past few losses recently were absurd and showed blatant overconfidence and foolish ignorance on my part. I won't let this happen again.

Also, on Saturday I grabbed the Battle Missions expansion. It's pretty disappointing, in my opinion. The missions aren't that great, there's very little inspiring artwork/photos, and absolutely no fluff. It just doesn't feel up to par with the other expansions. Oh well.


Don't Stop Believing

I just realized I haven't gamed in almost a month, and I don't have any Sundays off in sight. The month is still young, though, so there is hope.

My Drop Pod is really getting closer to completion, and I'm getting excited about it. The repetition of the fins and numerous paint coats is a pain in the ass, but nearly done. Once the red is finished, I can finally move on to my favorite part of painting: the intricate detail work. Highlighting silvers, adding gold touches, etc.

By the time I have a Sunday off, this thing should be done. And with an appointment to file my taxes being March 11th, I'll soon have spare money to spend on new hobby supplies.

Oh, and speaking of new hobby stuff, I pre-ordered the Battle Missions expansion at the Whiz, and I get paid this Thursday, so when it releases on Saturday I should have a copy of it waiting for me!

Also, I ordered a mini rule book from eBay. In my opinion, no tabletop wargamer should be without a pocket-sized edition of the main rules.

I'm still playing Guild Wars and working on my World of Warcraft TCG deck, but they're not interfering, so there's no need to worry about getting distracted. So basically, good stuff.