Dukes Up

Tomorrow is game day, and I'm anxious.

There are many components that I'm considering changing or adding in my army list. First, the addition of my Drop Pod. And second, taking my Predator Annihilator and swapping the lascannon sponsons for heavy bolters... or just removing sponsons entirely.

See, the problem I have is my Predator is expensive (anywhere from 130 to 190 points!) and it seems to become a fire magnet the moment the game starts. Usually, it doesn't survive long enough to see turn three.

So I'll be experimenting with heavy bolter sponsons, and no sponsons, to see if this makes it more viable in combat... or at least makes its points back.

You'd think three lascannons (one of them twin-linked), each with a Strength 9 shot and 83% chance of hitting (3+ on D6), would be able to actually damage an opponent's vehicle. Most of the time, it barely makes a dent.

So my first priority is to work on my Predator, which is clearly the weakest link right now in my army.

My Dreadnoughts have performed pretty well, but I don't ask much of them anyway. They're fairly expensive, but have so much to offer on the battlefield: good WS/BS; can carry an array of heavy weapons, move their full 6" and still be able to fire them all; able to Run; have a Strength 10 powerfist, not to mention all enemy close combat attacks are made against its front armor. Their only weakness is their relatively low armor values (12/12/10).

I'm going to try different tactics tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes. I think Josh will be there, and it'll be his last day before moving to North Carolina. Hopefully we can get a game in... I just want to win once against his Eldar. Just once.

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