I did two games today. I've never done so poorly in battle before. It was absolutely atrocious.

First, I played a 1,000-point Seize Ground match against Chris's Chaos Space Marines.

The deployment was Dawn of War, which was fine, but I'm so used to Annihilation matches that I didn't select my force very well for capturing objectives.

Also, I made a bad decision by putting my Chapter Master on the table as my initial HQ choice, rather than my Librarian.

There were three objectives on the table, and I got to go first. I had two objectives captured, whereas Chris had only one... and then his winged Daemon Prince flew in and single-handedly obliterated all three squads of my troops within four turns.

Ending score was 2-0 (one objective went uncontrolled).

The second game was against my nemesis, Josh and his Eldar. This was almost equally pathetic in my performance. Deployment was Dawn of War again, and the scenario was Annihilation. At 1,000 points, I really didn't have much to work with. And it showed.

Almost all my shots missed, and Josh's Fire Prisms slaughtered entire squads of my Marines. Just one of his shots, for example, vaporized nine Marines in a 10-man squad.

The final score was 5-1 (KP).

I'm definitely not happy with the results today. My army's performance was horrible. My unit selection was also bad. And I learned that I'm certainly not good at all with 1,000-point battles. It's just too restricting. I'm content with 1,500 but I'm comfortable at 2,000 or more.

On the bright side, Josh decided not to move to North Carolina... so this leaves us with ample rematch potential. Also, tomorrow is Rob's birthday so I bought him a blister pack. He chose an Inquisitor Lord from the Daemonhunter range, which is actually a pretty badass model.

I have Wednesday off, so I might go to the Whiz and game again.

Until then, I'm going to re-analyze my performance today and find the errors I made. And continue painting my Drop Pod.

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