Final Strike

In a couple days I'll be at the Whiz with the guys. I found out yesterday that Josh is sadly moving to North Carolina in a couple weeks. Permanently.

So our group is down an Eldar player, but he's selling his Tau to Rob. Playing against Josh was always fun, and unfortunately he'll be leaving undefeated against me. Every time I'd faced him, he'd win the battle, but only by a couple of kill points (I think the scores were 8-6 and 5-3). I really wanted vindication.

I've been trying to paint my Drop Pod in preparation for Sunday, but it doesn't look like I'll get it done in time. I've got the top "fins" and parts of the inside done, but none of the detail work. And what's worse, I completely forgot how difficult it was to paint red. Seriously, it takes like six coats. Oh well. It's roughly 35% done, so it won't be much longer.

From talking with Rob, he's building up his Tyranids force with the new codex. I'm also giving him a Canoness for his Witch Hunters army. He has one currently, but got frustrated when building her and decided to attempt welding her together instead of using glue.

Not a good idea, apparently.

Luckily I had a Canoness model in a blister pack collecting dust, left over from an ex-girlfriend, so I'm going to be giving it to him this weekend. I gave him my Broodlord about a year ago, and he put that to good use, so I know the Canoness won't go to waste.

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