Counter Strike

An overview of my hobby world.

I'm 26 years old and have been in the hobby since early 2006. I remember the first time I saw the Games Workshop store in my local mall. The very moment I caught a glimpse of the models on display in the windows, I was immediately interested. After talking with some of the staff, and playing a demo game, I was hooked. That day, I spent about $110 of my tax refund money on getting started. Clearly, GW's marketing strategy worked!

Years later, I find myself collecting the annual Forge World product catalogues to track my time in the hobby.

It took me a little over three years to finish my 2,000 points army. Counting spare models for variant lists, I probably have around 3,000 points worth of a fully painted force.

My gaming group is quite diverse in our armies of choice:
  Mike (myself) - Space Marines
  Rob - Tyranids and Witch Hunters
  Josh - Eldar and Tau
  Jared - Imperial Guard
  Chris - Chaos Space Marines
  Steve - Chaos Space Marines

We play standard games; I have yet to play a Cities of Death, Apocalypse, or Planetstrike game (despite having all of the books). I anticipate trying these expansions soon.

You can usually find us at the Whiz on Sundays and Wednesdays.

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