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Lifehacks for Shadows of Brimstone

Haven't updated my blog in a few months, but that's alright with me. I never intended for this site to be much more than a personal journal with the occasional article aimed towards the random hobbyists that wander here.

On that note, this article will be sort of a lifehack for those who play Shadows of Brimstone. It's just a few tricks we've picked up on in my group and I figured I'd share them.

These little boxes are $1 at Walmart, stack atop each other, and have click-lock sides. They're a must-have for storing all the dice and tokens in the game.

Speaking of which, we've found that the best way to keep your tokens "in" your sidebag (if they constantly get slid around by your elbows, papers, dice, or cat) try sliding the card and the tokens into a card sleeve. It turns your sidebag into an actual bag!

If you're having trouble remembering what you have equipped versus what you're carrying to sell later, or the items slide around on the table in front of you, try using one of these card collector pages for easy tracking!

And although I'm sure most SoB players already do this, organizing each card type into sandwich or snack baggies is the best way to go. The game itself is ridiculously heavy on cards, but in practice only 25-33% of them are used in a typical game. The rest can sit in the box, zipped into their little baggies.

Hope this helped!